Art Guidelines

Preferred File Format
  PDF (Adobe Acrobat 7.0+)
  Must be high resolution
  Artwork should be 1-up
  Convert all colors to CMYK
  Downsample Color/Grayscale to 300 dpi
  Downsample Monochrome to 600 dpi
  Embed all fonts
  All live copy must be at least 0.125" (1/8) in from cut
  All bleeds must extend at least 0.125" (1/8) outside finished size

Recommended Programs
  Adobe Creative Suite (InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop)
  Artwork should be 1-up (single pages in order - NOT in readers spreads)
  Page size should be the same as the finished size (extend bleed past the edge of the page)
  All bleeds must be at least 1/8 (0.125")
  Include all Fonts (screen and printer fonts)
  Include all Links (convert text used in links to outlines)
  Images: 300 dpi Bitmaps/Line
  Art: 600 dpi
  All artwork must be CMYK or Pantone colors

Acceptable Programs*
  Microsoft Office XP (Word, PowerPoint, Excel)
  Microsoft Publisher Convert to PDF, if possible
  Include all Fonts (TrueType)

File Compression
  Compress files before uploading or emailing
  Use StuffIt or ZipIt

Graphics Factory Printing, Inc. does not take responsibility for low quality images used with these programs. If artwork does not meet these specifications, please allow more time and cost for manipulation of artwork. *Microsoft programs use RGB color mode and are not recommended for optimal print output. Any artwork in RGB may have unexpected color results. These programs are not acceptable for color separation.